Swimming Pools

Welcome to our swimming pool gallery, here you can browse through a wide selection of some of our previous jobs. To find out more about a specific type of pool then please use the links below the gallery to navigate yourself to the relevant page, we as swimming pool installers, specialise in all types of swimming pools including, commercial, hydrotherapy, spa, domestic and more.

Pool Hall Mechanical Services

All indoor pools require an appropriate heating and ventilation system to maintain a comfortable environment for bathers, through our team of mechanical experts we can fully design and install the latest technology in air handling plant with ducted air supplies, this provides the pool hall with a clean and fresh environment and will protect the pool hall structure and prevent condensation. Our mechanical designs can be linked to pool cover systems to reduce energy costs when pool covers are in place via a set back facility, we can also design the mechanical plant to run in conjunction with ground source heat pumps.

Automatic Pool Covers

Our pool installations can be complimented with an automatic pool cover arrangement, the highly popular Grando cover is a rigid slatted pool cover that can be concealed within the pool tank, alternatively above ground systems can be considered. The Grando Cover system is one of the worlds most reliable pool cover arrangements and remains a leading example in workmanship and technical quality.
A Grando pool cover will help save energy on indoor and outdoor pools, the cover operates automatically from the turn of a key, the slats are available in different colour formats and solar profiles can be used on outdoor pools which will provide the pool with additional heat through solar gain.